Help with the Prom Dress Event

Late March - Early May



The prom dress event is the smaller of all the seasonal programs, but it is nevertheless a fun and inspiring experience to be part of. Moving, steaming and organizing dresses usually needs to be done during the event which lasts a little over a month. Volunteers are also welcome to help patrons pick out dresses and accessories. If you have a love of fashion or simply want to help young people enjoy the memorable occasion of prom, we would love to have your assistance! 


All dresses are appreciated, but Skyline especially asks for newer dresses which are not damaged in any major way. There is also a great need for larger sized dresses from 16 and up. If you have a donation you would like to bring in, please contact program manager Kristen Boggess at (405) 632-2644 ext. 103 or

Sometimes groups of friends will come to pick out dresses together!

Sometimes groups of friends will come to pick out dresses together!


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Oftentimes people express interest in giving "makeovers" or helping girls with hair and makeup as they pick out their dresses. Although we cannot host this activity at Skyline, anyone who would like to help with cosmetics and hair are welcome to give their contact info and details to arrange this outside of our offices.

Questions? Concerns? Want to get involved? Click here! 

Or contact Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Stevens, at or (405) 632-2644 ext. 104