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Volunteer Schedule

The staff at Skyline would like to encourage all current volunteers who have gone through orientation to sign up using the online schedule for any shifts they are interested in working. These schedules will be renewed each month so that Skyline staff will be able to organize around possible changes in availability. There are also designated slots for "Back-up" volunteers who are on-call to indicate which days they would possibly be able to substitute if another volunteer has to cancel. 

If you expect to miss a shift you have signed up for, please notify our Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Stevens, as quickly as is convenient. This will allow us to properly plan so that each program will have enough help and so that no volunteer or staff member will need to carry all the weight.

Brian can be reached at (405) 632-2644 ext. 104 or bstevens@skylineurbanministry.org. Thank you for your help in making Skyline run more smoothly for everyone involved.



To sign up for a shift with any of skyline's programs or to simply view the schedules, click the green button below.

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Please note: Even if you are on the schedule, we still ask that you sign in/out for each shift that you work. We appreciate all of our volunteers for helping us record accurate volunteer hours, which will help us improve retention and recruitment efforts, as well as provide sufficient information to apply for grants and to paint a definitive picture for donors or potential donors.


Volunteer Of The Month

During the long, and sometimes trying process of improving the kitchen, one volunteer’s hard work has truly shined. Sandy Wells has been continuing to assist Arnetta Greasham, the Prime Time manager, as faithfully as she did on-site. Her can-do attitude and familiarity with the program, as well as her relationship with its participants, especially stood out during this period when staff needed it the most. Even when Arnetta was unfortunately absent due to medical reasons, Sandy stepped up to fill essential responsibilities to keep the program afloat. We are all very glad to have Sandy back at Skyline, where her efforts are deeply appreciated by all. Thank you very much, Sandy!