Food Resource Center

Monday 1 pm - 6 pm   Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 am - 2 pm

Wednesday 1 pm - 4 pm   Friday 9 am - 12 pm   Saturday 9 am - 11 am

Nicholas Hoey, Food Resource Center Manager or (405) 632-2644 ext. 115

A Welcome Experience

Through cooperation with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, United Way, and the Oklahoma Conference of United Methodist Churches, the Skyline Food Resource Center provides over a week's worth of groceries to low-income households so that families struggling with finances might focus on other essential needs. A supermarket layout and policy of client choice creates an atmosphere of empowerment and familiarity which allows patrons to pick their own food from a numbered list of items. This not only minimizes waste by appealing to household preferences and allows for dietary considerations for those with conditions such as diabetes or food allergies, but restores dignity and provides a more comfortable experience.

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serving the community

Along with Skyline's other programs, the Food Resource Center is tailored to assist those who need it most. The sign-in process is simple and non-invasive, and the hours of operation change each day in order to increase accessibility. Skyline is also involved in homeless outreach through partnerships with other non-profit agencies. 

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emphasis on Nutrition

Skyline strives to make sure that healthy options are available and that the essentials of a balanced diet are always present to choose from, including grains, beans, dairy and frozen meat. Fresh produce is consistently provided as well.