The Wellness Program

Wednesday 9 am - 12 pm 

Appointments available upon request

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Creating a healthy dialogue

Because the Faith Community Nurses who visit Skyline each week are driven by a passion for raising the community's awareness regarding health and nutrition, they are determined to get people thinking about their well-being in a positive and responsible way. Simply checking patrons' vitals in the morning and advising them in respect to diet, medication and exercise can be the perfect jump start to this goal. 

The Faith Community Nurses aim to engage not only Prime Timers but the rest of Skyline's patrons in order to inform them about their physical and social well-being plus other related subjects. This can take different forms, such as weekly presentations about diabetes or individual conversations about blood pressure. Faith Community Nurses are always looking for new ways to reach people and to keep them aware of these issues.


Want to make an appointment or have questions for a nurse? Contact Valerie McCartney at (405) 632-2644 ext. 107 or

Want to volunteer? Contact Brian Stevens at (405) 632-2644 ext. 104 or