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The Eye Clinic provides free eye exams for residents of Oklahoma County.  Eye exams are by appointment only and the number is only limited by the number of doctors who donate their time. The Eye Clinic fills glasses prescriptions from any county. The fee for making the lenses is $35.00 for single-vision lenses and $55 for bifocal lenses (lined bifocals only).  We provide the first pair of glasses free of charge to Oklahoma County school children who do not have SoonerCare or other insurance. In 2015, the Eye Clinic gave exams to 1,055 people and provided 779 pairs of glasses, 50 of which were free for children.

Eye Clinic Hours
Optician Wed 8:30-10am

Would you like to volunteer?  Contact:
Gail Holcomb, Eye Clinic Manager
(405) 632-2644, ext.111

Eye Clinic

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