Clothes 4 Kids Volunteer Opportunities

Three Stage Program From May - July

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The C4K program can be broken down into three separate phases. Volunteers have the choice to work whichever shifts and stages as they prefer. Because many of the families that this program serves are primarily Spanish speakers, staff especially looks for bi-lingual volunteers in order to more efficiently serve those receiving assistance. To see the planned dates of these phases, check out our calendar. Please keep in mind that the dates may change depending on how many resources Skyline is able to use on this program.



The first phase of this program, which starts around early May, involves taking calls from people interested in making appointments and coordinating with them to figure out the best date/time available for them to visit for their sizing interview. This is a chance for a volunteer to inform the patron of all the required paperwork and answer any questions regarding the program they may have. In order to prepare parents/guardians for their sizing appointments, the volunteer will also advise the patron to bring their kids to the appointment, inform them of our cancellation policy, then record the details of their appointment so that staff and volunteers will be ready for them when they arrive.



Sizing appointments take place from around late may to the end of June. When parents/guardians visit Skyline with their children to fill out paperwork and bring documentation such as a referral, proof of guardianship and proof of income or unemployment, volunteers play the essential role of making patrons feel comfortable as they record all of the necessary information. During this appointment, children will also try on a sample uniform to estimate which size clothing needs to be ordered. 



The last stage of the C4K program takes place in mid-July. At this time all of the uniforms will have arrived, along with socks, underwear and shoes. As patrons bring their children to pick up clothes, it is a very busy and exciting time for everyone and volunteers play a key role in making sure that each child has an encouraging experience and receives properly fitting new clothes to help them succeed in the approaching school year. Because the program is geared towards the empowerment of kids, parents wait outside of the room while volunteers help the children pick out their own underwear, socks and shoes. After the child has tried on the uniform and confirmed with their parent/guardian that it fits, the volunteer makes sure the final paperwork is done and sends them on the way to their next educational adventure. 

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