Apply for Clothes 4 Kids 

Make an Appointment

Starting May 21st

Qualifications to use this program: 

  • It must have been 2 years since you last received assistance

  • You must have a referral filled out by a school counselor or staff

  • You must be the legal parent or guardian of the children

To schedule an appointment, call 632-2644 ext. 103. If no one answers, you may leave your contact information in the voicemail and someone will return your call.

The staff member or volunteer who makes your appointment will let you know all of the documentation you will need to bring. This includes proof of residency, proof of income/lack of income, birth certificates or proof of legal guardianship, a photo ID of yourself, and the completed referral(s).

Make sure you do not miss your appointment. Keep track of when it is. If, for some reason, you cannot make it, you must give 24 hour notice with some proof of your absence such as a doctor's note. Otherwise you will not be able to receive assistance for two years. 

Get Sized

June 3rd- June 27th

When you arrive to your appointment, you must bring the children. They will be trying on sample uniforms to see which sizes work best for them. Keep in mind what their school's uniform requirements are so that you can order proper colors. 

You will be required to bring lots of paperwork so be sure to take all that to Skyline as well. A volunteer or staff member will fill out order forms with you, take a copy of your ID, and make sure that everything is accurate.

You will make an appointment to return for pick up in July and receive a return sheet with the date/time in it. Remembering your appointment time is essential. If you need to change it or forget, make sure to call in advance. 


July 15th - 26th

Parents and guardians are also required to bring the children to the pick up appointment. Children will be taken into the Seasonal Programs room while you will be required to wait in the hall. A volunteer will help the child pick out their underwear, socks and shoes. This is all up to the child and they will be able to receive whichever items they choose. Then the kid will try on their new clothes and confirm with the you that they are the correct size. After you sign the last of the paperwork, your family will be set to go!