Christmas Grace Volunteer Opportunities 


Bring Gifts 

One of the most rewarding and essential ways to participate in the Christmas Grace program is to become a donor. Donors have the chance to choose how many families (and the size of the families) they would prefer to be paired with and Skyline staff connects each in the most complimentary way possible. After the family has filled out a wish-list of 10 items per member, these are given to donors who can use their discretion to purchase these requested items, wrap them and bring them to Skyline so that they might brighten people's holidays who otherwise would have been struggling to provide these things. 


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Because of the sheer volume of presents which Skyline is able to give out, volunteers are often needed to help move all these awesome gifts to parents as they arrive for pick-up. Participating in this stage of the process means greeting patrons as they arrive, making sure all of their gifts are accounted for, and helping carry these to their cars. It's a perfect chance to participate in the sort of cheer this program aims to spread and to share in the delight and gratitude of patrons.

Christmas Store 

Staff also appreciates help moving gifts upstairs and arranging them in an inviting fashion.

Staff also appreciates help moving gifts upstairs and arranging them in an inviting fashion.

After distribution has occurred, the Seasonal Room will be filled with presents appropriate for each member of the family. Patrons who were not able to receive personal donors but made it onto the waiting list are able to visit the store and pick out items for everyone. As you might imagine, volunteers greatly enjoy the chance to help people choose these special gifts to surprise their family with. 

To donate, contact Kristen Boggess at or (405) 632-2644 ext. 103

To volunteer, contact Rachel Winner at or (405) 632-2644 ext. 104