Receiving Christmas Grace


Making an appointment

Patrons must schedule an appointment over the phone by calling (405) 632-2644 ext. 104. If the manager of the program does not answer, simply leave a voicemail with your information (such as name and phone number) and your call will be returned. Because of the sheer volume of calls that Skyline receives, it may take a few days before we are able to get back to you. We thank you for your patience during this very busy time.

*Please note: If you were previously received assistance from Christmas Grace within the last 2 years (2015 or 2016), Skyline will be unable to serve you for 2017.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, the Seasonal Program manager will inform you of the guidelines, which are also listed here:

  • No children are allowed to come to the appointment. You will be asked to leave and unable to get another appointment if children are brought.
  • You must give a 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule. If any sickness or another emergency occurs, you will be asked to bring documentation as proof.
  • If you miss your appointment, you will not be able to receive Christmas Grace this year or the next. 
  • All appointments will take place at Skyline, which is located at 500 SE 15th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

Documents Required

  • Photo ID for parent/guardian
  • Referral from a church, school or local helping agency. DHS referrals will not be accepted.
  • Birth certificates for children or proof of legal guardianship.
  • Proof of residence (recent bill with current address or lease agreement)
  • Proof of income or proof of unemployment (such as a demographics paper from DHS)
  • Christmas Wish List - Please include each child's name, their coat, shirt, pants, shoe size, as well as 3 gifts the child would like to request for Christmas.