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​405 632-2644   500 SE 15th Street   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129
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Board Members

Skyline Urban Ministry
​Board Members

Elected Members
​​​​Rev. Josh Attaway,
Rev. T. Brian Bakeman,
Mr. John Bolden, Development Mbr
Mr. Tony Clyde, Development Mbr
Ms. Amy Curran, Board Chair
Mr. Barrett Ellis, Governance Mbr
Mr. John Funk, Finance & SPRC Mbr
Mr. Ken Grant, Development Co-Chair
Mr. Shawn Hinkel, Trustee Mbr
Ms. Karen Hudgens, Devel. Co-Chair
Ms. Katy Leffel, Governance Chair
Dr. Joe C. Leonard, Trustee Mbr
Ms. Janis Love, SPRC Mbr
Ms. Luisa Medina, Vision Mbr; Youth Brd
Mr. David T. Mobley, Finance Mbr
Mr. Rick Orthwein,Trustee Chair,Audit Mbr
Ms. Jimmie Pallesen, Development Mbr
Ms. Angela Rogers, Development Mbr
Ms. Anna Faye Rose, SPRC Chair
Mr. Jack Thompson, Finance Chair
Ms. Kate Scraper, Youth Board Chair
Ms. Aly Shahan, Youth Board Mbr 

Wisdom Members:
Ms. Lois Pannell 

Appointed by The Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church
Rev. Deborah Ingraham, Executive Director
​Rev. Greg Tener, District Supervisor

Our Mission

Our History

The mission of Skyline Urban Ministry is to impact lives, empower persons in need and address the roots of poverty in Oklahoma. Our vision is to nurture disciples of Christ to a new level of compassion and respect for those living on the margins by promoting a change in heart through relationships built by serving shoulder-to-shoulder with one another.


Skyline Skyline Urban Ministry was incorporated in 1974 as a mission outreach of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church (Conference). The focus of Skyline has always been upon the poor and needy of Oklahoma County. Nevertheless, the agency has nurtured strong relationships across our state. We serve as a setting for groups to serve the working poor in Oklahoma County and a model for others as they seek to serve the needy in their own communities. Our focus is on those who live in that shadow and on those who live in poverty and need throughout our state.

Skyline Urban Ministry

© Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved