Christmas Grace

Families interested in applying for this program:

You can get help best by: 
  • Calling in early September for an appointment 405 632-2644.
  • Being prepared to show proof of need and ID for each family member.
  • Knowing the clothing and shoe sizes for each family member.


Churches or individuals interested in helping with this program:

 You can help in several ways:
  • Adopt a family.
  • Sponsor a toy drive at your church and send toys to Skyline to be sorted by volunteers who fill wish lists.
  • Collect gifts for teenagers and send them to Skyine.
  • Volunteer to shop/sort gifts using family wish lists.
  • Volunteer to donate wrapping paper or wrap gifts.
  • Send cash donations to be used to buy toys for children.

All gifts must be new, and wrapped if you are shopping for a specific family.