Donations & Pickup

Skyline cannot operate without donations!
We need clothing and food to keep our programs going.


We have a very limited ability to pick up items and prefer not to pick up the remnants of  garage sales.
If you do need to call us for a pick-up, please have all items boxed or bagged when our driver arrives.
To arrange a pick up, call 236-5212 (after hours, dial x 216 to leave a message).
It can take up to a week for us to arrange to be there, and all pick-ups have to be scheduled for mornings.

If you have a truck or trailer load of clothing for McKee,
please call 632-2644 to schedule the best time for delivery.

Here are some guidelines for donating to Skyline that will help us do an even better job.




Check the Community Cupboard page to see what items we are short on.

Select nutritious foods over sweets.

Send only unopened containers.

Make sure the food is within it’s recommended sell-by  date.

Bring it to 701 N. W. 8th between 8:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m.

If you can’t bring it in, see if your church has a collection area for Skyline so that we can pick up a full load when we come out.



Bring in wearable clothing.  It should be clean and ready to wear.  Skyline doesn’t have the staff to wash and/or mend clothing.

If your clothes are on hangers, leave the hangers on.  That saves us time in sorting.

We accept household items, especially pots & pans.  Please call ahead if you have larger items.

Donations are received M-F, 8am to 3 pm.  There is a doorbell on east side of building.

Donations are received through the door on west end of building.