Alive in Christ 02-16-13


For all people to become one nation under God our savior again. In the name of Jesus our savior amen.

1) My father is sick 2)My sisters and brothers 3) my loved ones and enemies!

I need emergency shelter for me and a friend so we can find a permenent place ( if there here could help please do)

Prayers for my sister who lost her 3 year old daughter and husband on Jan. 30 in a house fire in Norman. And also pray for me as I start school this next week.

Thank you Lord for giving me life, and I ask for a job to get back my family so that we may do your will.

Pry that me and my wife get a home soon and get are kids back home with us.

One week ago I asked yall to pray that the Lord would let my fianace out of jail. Praise be to God our Lord and savior she was released Thursday. Thank you very much.

Pray for my children and mainly for my sons dad he’s an alcoholic and he got in trouble with the law and I just hope he doesn’t go to jail my sons need him and please pray for me and my husband to get this apt. next month pray for mainly the homeless put God into their life instead of addictions and for u pastor thank you for everything youve done

Please pray for my wife Nikki who is in London taken care of her grandma’s furnel her estate. I’m now trying to get her back home

Hello pastor how r u greetings in the name of Jesus my name is Fredrick I am new to Oklahoma city, I’m currently looking for employment housing, and other transportation, pray 4 my wife and step son all my family back in the Chicago, Miluake area, my son and granddaughter

Thanks to Jesus for the good birthday I had Thursday

Pray for Rev. Claudia, AP, Clyde, Judy, Joe, pray for the person whose wife needs prayer

I ask that you will say a pray for Margaret that what every she is looking for that she find it in Christ Jesus and if it not in him she don’t need it

Pray for my co workers

I want to know can you pray for me when I travel to Chicago and I want to know if you can help me with a blanket so I can sleep under the bridge

Pray for my son he is just out of jail. I just give all things in God. I pray for my husband fredrick and his family and my health and my friend Tammy and family.

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