Alive In Christ


Pray for Claudia peace to her soul, AP, Judy, Clyde, praise God I got all my meetings out of the way for 2012.

I ask that we pray for everyone that has lost a love one and for the homeless.

I what chage my life and I what God to help me and boyfriend make the right chose together and what I pray for my mom and family and I pray sick and the family that lose kids and family member

I wuld like for you to pray for my entire family including me, need love, peace, joy, honest, hope, and faith

Pray for all that God made and all the people thats sick or hungry or just need help, pray for all.

Please God watch over me, help me find my path an watch over my family and eric the most.

Isa 63:4 By God and his instrument Isaias 63:4 Daniel 2.19.23 Padre mi dios for my money and liberty I love you my Lord thanks always

Pray for snow

May God give us strength to face loss and remember our Lord born on CHRISTmas Day.

Pray for Ora Elmore bay daughter, JoDe passed away Sept. 5, 2012. We miss her, but we know that she has peace in heaven. Praise God for peace joy, love!

School shooting in connecite 20 kids 7 adults keep the families in parys, and homeless Merry Christmas to all

Prayer for Jana and her family. The breast cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and she will need to have more treatment after her surgery.

I’d like a prayer request for my 3 sons. We are spending Christmas apart this. Pray their well being ¬†also my father