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Rev. Claudia Lovelace, Skyline Executive Director

Rev. Claudia Lovelace, Skyline Executive Director

Greetings in the Name of the Risen Lord

As I look back on the years since my association with Skyline, I marvel at the ways God has been in the midst of the changing landscape of our nation, our state and specifically our ministry here at Skyline. Economic change has made us rethink the way we use our resources as a nation; and as the value and impact of our state’s resources have changed, they have literally transformed our city’s skyline. At Skyline Urban Ministry this shifting has changed our view both literally and figuratively. We know that change is as much a part of God’s plan as is tradition and we are holding fast to the traditions of Skyline while making changes to grow into the future.

Rev. Claudia Lovelace, Executive Director